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This genre bending short film is written and directed by the award winning filmmaker and actor Dion Costelloe. After the sudden passing of the family dog, a mother is left completely distraught and her young son is left ill equipped to deal with his own feelings and unable to console her. Nonetheless someone must take care of the business of death. Enter Cosmo, our conductor on a wild ride into the macabre. What at first seems to be a horror story turns into a heart felt tale of a young boy learning how to cope with the loss of his beloved dog Bully. 


" You will receive your ashes in 7-9 business days."


Dion Costelloe is a born and raised New York based actor. Dion stared in and co created GOD’S TIME which premiered at 2022 tribeca festival. It has since been purchased and distributed by IFC FILMS and had a limited theatrical release across the country and is now streaming on AMC+ . This year he has guest starred on CBS’ Blue Bloods and paramount’s new Taylor Sheridan series LIONESS. Costelloe recently wrapped major roles in indie features MY HERO and MESSY both slated to premier next year.



After her beloved pup’s demise, a mother is left completely distraught. Her young son is left ill equipped to deal with his own feelings and unable to console her. Nonetheless someone must deal with of the business of death. Enter Cosmo, a ghoulish laborer of the macabre. When he shows up to “take care” of the situation, his bedside manner is so terrible it provokes the boy into violent action, a mistake he would quickly regret.

Our hero finds himself on a trip into hell, along side a demon of death. In his hopelessness and terror, this boy learns how to let go, accept his feelings and allow himself to grieve. In doing so he learns a beautiful and magic truth which grants him the power to return home and share his new found courage with mom.
The opening scenes set in Brooklyn will emphasize the warmth of home, using warm colors and natural lighting to create a sense of familiarity. However, as the narrative progresses, the visual style will gradually shift to become more eerie and unsettling. In the rural and isolated settings, we will employ a darker and more muted color palette, with shadows and contrasts that heighten the tension. There will be a slight “glow” or over saturation of color in moments of extreme surrealism to heighten the magical realist tone. Cinematography will emphasize close-ups to capture the characters' emotions and reactions, particularly during moments of psychological intensity.



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